Duncan Dance for Children

Duncan Dance for Children

Instructor: Mary Sano

Children will learn in a supportive atmosphere that encourages freedom of expression and the ability to feel the music and express with the whole body.
Classes are arranged according to the age of children.

Age 3 to 6: Pre-Duncan plus Duncan choreography (45 min)
Age 7 & up: Basic Duncan dance technique and choreography (60 min)

Attire: Please wear comfortable clothing to move in, and leave your shoes at the door! (we dance barefoot)

Please call or email for more information for enrollment, class fees, and available classes.

(415) 357-1817


Let us first teach little children
to breathe, to vibrate, to feel,
and to become one with the general harmony
and movement nature.
Let us first produce a beautiful human being,
a dancing child.

– Isadora Duncan, 1909