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SYZYGY is an art space where different artistic genres resonate and gravitate toward one another, as when planets align. Located in Tokyo, Japan, it is a place where dance, music, and art as a whole can come together to collaborate, create, and perform. Our purpose is the formation and development of an art community that draws no line between performer and audience; by holding immersive workshops, lectures and art exhibits on a regular basis.

Duncan Dance Workshops nurture a healthy body and free spirit, which is the foundation for all art and human development. Students (children to adults) experience the joy of movement by returning to the origin of dance and exploring themes such as ‘’The Flow of Nature” and ‘’Expression of the Spirit/Heart”.

Adult Class: Class is available for beginners to advanced/professional dancers.
Children’s Class: Class is in small size and separated by age group (3~6 years), (7~10 years), (11~15 years). Children will learn in a supportive atmosphere that encourages freedom of expression and the ability to feel the music and express with the whole body. Enrollment is ongoing.

Please contact us for classes or general information.

Art Space SYZYGY

22-7 Sanban-cho, 1F, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102