Dancing Dreaming Isadora 2018

Greeting ごあいさつ

Welcome to our 20th-anniversary production, Dancing Dreaming Isadora: Reflections on the Past, Visions of the Future. The Mary Sano Studio of Duncan Dancing has been presenting bi-annual dance festivals since its opening in 1997, and we are very pleased to present our work to you in this larger venue.

This production is truly the culmination of the past 20 years of work; building a comprehensive Duncan repertoire as well as our original work, and perhaps most importantly, cultivating a group of dancers capable of performing this range of work.

Revolutionary in both her personal life and as an artist, Isadora Duncan (1877-1927) broke from the more rigid confines of the ballet of the era and created an expressive movement vocabulary based on free and natural movements inspired by ancient Greek arts, music, and nature. She was a sensation in Europe and Russia throughout the early 1900s, and had several highly successful tours in the United States later in her career. She also had a passion for teaching, and her adopted daughters, ‘The Isadorables’, most notably Anna, Irma, Lisa, and Theresa Duncan, continued her work long after her tragic death.

Isadora created over 300 dances during her lifetime, about 80 of which have been passed down to my generation of Duncan dancers. These dances naturally evolve over time through individual vision and interpretation, but her concepts and techniques are forever here to guide us.

We appreciate all the support of our community and fellow artists and friends whose support has been truly inspirational. We dedicate this performance to all of you, and to Isadora Duncan.

Thank you very much.


Please enjoy the photos from our performance!